• Due Diligence



  • Lease Acquisition



  • Seismic Permitting


  • Title Curative



  • Lease - Mineral Takeoffs



  • Abstracting of Title



  • Right of Way Acquisition



  • Mineral Ownership Reports



  • Leasehold Research and Reports



  • Document Preparation



Maturity and experience make a project go a lot smoother.While there is a huge gap in experience between the landmen who began in the last boom of the early 80's and the more recent hires of this millennium, our core team is made of landmen with over twenty years of land experience each.


Our younger team members can always rely on the guidance and advice from their more experienced colleagues and crew chiefs, and bring with them knowledge of technology that is taking our industry forward. Due to our many years in the business, we can draw on a long list of contacts in the field land business when additional crew members are needed for new projects.







Dan Orbeck & Associates

excels at prospect management from inception to completion.